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"Cross-Border Distribution of UCITS" publication updated

This CACEIS's reference paper provides clients with a detailed assessment of the current market challenges and the industry players' needs as well as copies of, or references to, the principal legal texts regulating the activity. 

Cross-border distribution of UCITS continues to expand worldwide, with new countries opening to UCITS every year. At the end of 2010, the number of true cross-border funds registered for distribution reached nearly 63,000 globally across 60 countries, which represents a 45% growth in the past 4 years. A number of key drivers can explain this ever expanding trend: the guided or open architecture business model, the ongoing regulatory harmonisation in EU which help to remove barriers and favour cross-border distribution development, the success of the UCITS brand well beyond Europe – these funds replying to the increasing investors’ need for transparency, liquidity and protection - and last but not least, the global business development perspectives of cross-border fund distribution for asset managers, especially in emerging countries.

More than ever, cross-border distribution is now a strategic issue for CACEIS’s clients. Those ones have to face new challenges, notably in the context of a fast changing environment, in terms of geographic areas of distribution, technol¬ogy and regulation. This rapidly evolving environment led us to update the first edition of the "Cross-border distribution of UCITS" brochure initially published by CACEIS in November 2008. We are happy to present you this new release which covers the many different aspects of cross-border UCITS distribution.

Since a broad expertise and a more sophisticated approach is now required, CACEIS positions itself as the development partner of its clients and can assist them at all stages of their funds’ distribution, in any market. Its dedicated international fund distribution experts are committed to provide them with the best services across the whole value chain covered, from fund registration worldwide to payment of trailer fees to distributors.

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