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Funds Europe

May 2016 - "FUND SERVICES ROUNDTABLE: Into a virtual world" 
Barry McGloin, Business Development Manager, CACEIS in Luxembourg


May 2016 - "Bâtir sur de bonnes fondations" 
Laurianne Delaunay, Senior Relationship Manager - private equity, real estate & infrastructure, CACEIS

Instit Invest

March 2016 - "Externalisation : Nous espérons proposer de nouveaux reportings en 2016"
Arnaud Misset, Group Products Director, CACEIS

Instit Invest

March 2016 - "De la donnée au Data Analytics : défi et opportunité pour la gestion d'actifs"
Thibaut Guénée, Product Manager, Insurance companies and Institutional investors, CACEIS

L'Agefi Hebdo

March 2016 - "Target 2 Securities décale son calendrier de six mois" 
Daniel Pascaud, Head of Operational Line Custody, CACEIS


March 2016 - "Considerations when selecting a depositary to an AIF" 
Clara Dunne, Senior Country Officer, CACEIS Bank Luxembourg London Branch

Option Finance

January 2016 - "Les sociétés de gestion amorcent leur transformation digitale"
Arnaud Misset, Group Products Director, CACEIS