IT Systems

IT Systems

The IT Systems Department has responsibility for ensuring the Group’s IT systems continue to work optimally and for choosing the appropriate application solutions, all with a view to satisfying customer and user needs. The Department is organised into four operational functions:

  • Project strategy and design, which is in charge of managing and overseeing IT projects for the business lines;
  • Project implementation, which is responsible for the technical aspects of developing and implementing application solutions;
  • Production and infrastructure, which specialises in producing IT systems, managing infrastructure and managing IT risks;
  • IT systems administration, which is responsible for IT systems procurement and cost control;
  • The help desk, which provides first-level assistance and handles relations with clients, users and operational IT functions.

IT staff generally have a bachelor’s/master’s degree in computing or engineering (IT, telecoms, general).

Candidates must have a sound knowledge of project management techniques, enjoy working in a team and be client-oriented. For project design and strategy positions, strong general knowledge of computing and IT professions is required; for project implementation posts, proficiency with development tools and languages is needed.

Guillaume L.
Business Analyst "Flows and Derivatives"

"After studies at ENSAM, I joined the Group in 2000 as a Java developer in Luxembourg. I then joined the business analysis department of CACEIS Corporate Trust, initially in charge of research projects, then in charge of the General Meeting function, internet and invoicing. I had the opportunity to manage varied projects, in particular providing access to the OLIS' sites to nearly 40,000 shareholders. Since August 2007, I have worked in the business analysis department - Flows and Derivatives at CACEIS Bank in France."