Sustainable Development

CACEIS is committed to a sustainable development approach that is geared to tackling social and environmental issues.

Simple gestures for the environment
Making employees sensitive to, and accountable for, the consequences of their individual actions within the company and in their daily life. 

  • promoting more environmentally-friendly means of transport (car-sharing, cycling
  • conducting meetings via conference calls and thereby eliminating transport
  • encouraging selective-waste sorting and waste reduction measures

The company’s human capital

  • Guaranteeing good governance of human resources (access to training, employment opportunities for the young, equal pay policy, measures to combat all forms of discrimination, etc.), in the knowledge that all these factors are vital for creating a strong Group culture and for ensuring success for everyone.  
  • Promoting health at work via different programmes, e.g. “No smoking”, “Vivao'” (designed to encourage healthy eating), etc.

Ethics and business
Considering the issue of ethics in relation to our different businesses (custody, fund administration and corporate trust) and particularly with respect to the concept of socially responsible investment (SRI), which reconciles financial performance and ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria.

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