Market Infrastructures

Most of CACEIS’s activities are regulated both nationally and at European level. They are also carried out in accordance with rules freely defined by the various participants in the financial services industry (communication protocols, market timetables, etc.).
CACEIS occupies a prominent position in European capital-market integration mechanisms and takes a proactive role in the process of adopting EU and national standards, both directly and via professional organisations and specialist working groups.

CACEIS’s commitment in this vital area responds to legislators’ increasing need to tap specialist expertise. It also stems from a positive development on the part of market authorities and infrastructure bodies and which sees them increasingly consult interested parties prior to making decisions.


More specifically, CACEIS’s experts are contributing to:

  • the introduction of the European passport for the different activities

  • the strengthening of rules geared to protecting the financial system and its users

  • technical harmonisation projects at national or European level