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COMET - The new platform for transfer agent and fund distribution support

To take advantage of the international market, Europe's fund producers are marketing their funds internationally to find new sources of subscriptions. They benefit from the opportunities provided by the European UCITS IV directive, which allows wider distribution of traditional funds in Europe, and the AIFMD, which extends the European passport to alternative funds. Marketing funds internationally gives rise to a number of challenges, among them: monitoring commissions and identifying investors everywhere.

Indeed, CACEIS makes ongoing adjustments to its services at every stage of the fund marketing process, to suit each client's strategy. Its teams have expertise in all the various local regulations and operating processes. They assist asset management companies with registration, order centralisation, net

inflows monitoring and commission calculations. The implementation of a new IT platform enables CACEIS’s clients to benefit from a more powerful technical environment that is both secure and adaptable to changing regulatory requirements and distribution expansion.


COMET uses open source technology that brings high levels of flexibility and speed, both features are being critical factors in the adaptation of IT  developments to the needs of clients. Alongside, CACEIS has also developed more comprehensive fund and investor databases, ensuring the consistency of the data made available to clients and investors thanks to enhanced data extraction methods. In addition, the new platform is geared towards the future, where interactivity with clients and investors is a priority. New functionalities are available at all times from any type of fixed or mobile device, and as of today, the system offers:

▷ Net inflows reported online in real time for asset managers throughout CACEIS’s OLIS web site,

▷ NAV automatically integrated to issue STP settlements quickly, 

▷ Dissemination of reports to investors including acknowledgments for each order received, transaction notices or extracts of quarterly account statements,

▷ Sending of specific reports such as AML/KYC and FATCA.

CACEIS is now in position of turning this new platform into an easy-to-use interface by developing...(Read more)