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CACEIS Products Breakfast seminar in Paris

TARGET2-Securities (T2S), expected to be implemented in June 2015 (2016 for the French, German & Luxembourg markets) will serve as a catalyst for the removal of several barriers across countries and eliminate differences between domestic and cross-border settlement in Europe. As soon as 6 October 2014, ahead of the launch of T2S, the settlement cycle for securities will be two days after the trade date (T+2). More changes are under way in Europe with Corporate Actions processes.

All these issues were debated during the presentations. Our clients were assured that CACEIS, as a future direct participant to the T2S platform, and an active contributor to these initiatives, is strongly committed to adapting its product offering and its services to a more efficient environment for settlement in Europe.


Joe Saliba, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, CACEIS

Regulatory framework and agenda

Eric Derobert, Head of Group Communications & Public Affairs, CACEIS

Impact of T2S and T+2 for asset managers

Thibaut de Lajudie, Partner, Ailancy

Solutions to cope with challenges

Arnaud Misset, Deputy Group Director Products & Solutions, CACEIS