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Success for CACEIS breakfast meeting: "New challenges and opportunities for international distribution of funds"

Over 60 guests attended the breakfast meeting of March 22, 2011, in the salons of the Hotel Bristol in Paris, thus demonstrating the interest in the topics: the cross-border distribution and UCITS IV.

Jean-Pierre Michalowski, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of CACEIS, Laurent Majchrzak, Global Head of Distribution Services, and Nathalie Collot, Product Manager, presented the solutions offered by CACEIS to assist management companies in dealing with these issues.

CACEIS's Prime TA® offer for fund distribution support, its European fund administration platform, the benefits of the presence of CACEIS in Hong Kong which enables to take advantage of the different time zones, the Fund Structuring services and the KIID offering were presented in detail, and led to extensive discussion among the participants.

Those in attendance also appreciated the testimonial of Philippe Lebeau, Head of Investor Relations of COMGEST, a client of CACEIS in France and in Luxembourg, who described his perception of the new challenges and opportunities for management companies when it comes to cross-border distribution and the changes in the rules that are currently under way.